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Wake Up Lean Review – Can Meredith Shirk Help You Lose Weight?

Wake Up Lean Review

Everything You Need To Know About Wake Up Lean by Meredith Shirk


Wake Up Lean

Have you been searching the internet for a good weight loss program and you stumbled on Meredith Shirk’s Wake Up Lean and now you want to know whether it will really help you lose weight?

Let me cut your search for a real opinion on this program short by saying Wake Up Lean most likely will not help you achieve your weight loss goals and there are far better weight loss programs out there. 

At first glance, I was convinced that this was a good product and with minimal honest and actual user reviews out there, I initially thought that it was a great product. But after conducting deeper research I quickly realized that this is just another over hyped weight loss program with extreme promises.

What convinced me about Wake Up Lean is that the author of the program Meredith Shirk is actually quite renowned in the online health and fitness community.

Meredith Shirk clearly knows her stuff as she provides great answers on Quora about health and weight loss and she also has really good online videos of her doing some weight loss exercises like this one here.

However, when you actually go over the Wake Up Lean website in more depth you really start to feel something is off.

So What’s So Bad About Wake Up Lean?

The promises Meredith makes about what the product can do are simply near fiction. 

I mean, initially, you get excited by statements like,

“Melt Away Frustrating Fat Week After Week & Visibly SEE Your Flattest Belly Ever With A Simple Approach”

then she starts telling stories about how she found some Magical class of foods in Panama that can help you lose weight like crazy...  

This is all storylines designed to emotionally trap you into buying Wake Up Lean as you desperately for search a for a way to burn off your body fat.

Now there is nothing wrong entirely wrong with a good sales pitch but once you start doing this to sell a product that really does not deliver or give any value then you get a bad reputation.

So what makes wake up lean a bad choice if you are looking to lose weight?

As much as some of the statements on her website can be scientifically backed, Meredith claims that Wake Up Lean can help you melt away fat without doing joint breaking exercises and that you can lose 5 lbs of fat every week by making a few changes to your diet. 

I agree with the exercise part but when it comes to her claims about how fast you can lose weight and see a flat stomach my fraud alarm turns on.

But wait there is more …

Things to consider before buying Wake Up Lean

Before You Buy Wake Up Lean

Once you buy Wake up lean you will receive a 60-page ebook but only about 15 pages of the book contain useful material and all this is nothing new.

Yes, the author has packaged the information in one place where you can easily find it but honestly, you can easily find all the material contained in the useful 15 pages with several google searches.

Here is Wake Up Lean's Table of Contents:

wake up lean table of contents


Over half of the book contains mostly recipes for Meredith's 10-day Slim Down detox.

With all the claims Meredith makes about what her weight loss program can do it's sad to see very minimal information in the book about the weight-loss process. What’s more, once you buy the guide, you are hit with up sells to buy more products to get better results.

Again there is nothing wrong with up sells if the product delivers actual value but like the poor value given in the main product, this is really not worth your while.

Three Things to consider before buying any weight loss program

Three Things Weight Loss Programs Must Have

At bare minimum a good weight loss program should have three elements namely:

  • An explanation of your body, foods, exercises, and lifestyle
  • A clear step by step exercise plan
  • A clear step by step eating plan

A clear explanation of your body, foods, exercises, and lifestyle: A good weight loss program will explain to you how your body works to burn fat more efficiently and how different food groups and exercises affect your body. Once you understand your bodies fat burning process a good program will then advise you on how you can easily incorporate what you have learned into your lifestyle.

A clear exercise plan: this should be a clear-cut plan detailing how and when to perform the given exercises. In this day and age, a weight loss program needs to at minimum outline a weekly step by step exercise routine for you to follow. The best programs also have a systematic video exercise guide you can easily follow.

A clear and customized eating plan: It is no mystery that food is what makes or breaks a weight loss program. There are just so many diets out there and I discuss how to choose a diet in another post. Long story cut short before choosing a weight loss program it is very important if you can to consult with a dietitian about what kind of food helps you lose weight. Our bodies react differently to the same foods. You probably have friends who can eat anything without ever picking up weight.

But once you determine what kind of weight loss diet works for your body type besides having a step-by-step guide on how to prepare your meals and what foods to eat a good weight loss program will be one you can easily customize to fit your recommended diet.

Stay away from weight loss programs that recommend a one size fits all diet and that ignores the fact we have different body types. It's not that simple.

That said, for a program that claims to have found the solution for you to burn fat fast, Wake Up Lean really falls short in that it seems to prescribe a one size fits all diet.

When it comes to the program's eating and exercise plans, though these meet the step-by-step format they can be presented a lot better.  The program just looks and feels so bland and demotivating and there are many other programs online that do a much better job.

Our Verdict On Wake Up Lean

If Wake Up Lean was created to help you lose weight, I really don’t think it’s worth anyone’s time or money even at a low price of $15. I would honestly rather pay double or 10 times the price for a program that works.

For those of you that are new to Home Health Guide, it’s our commitment to give you 100% unbiased and well-researched health and fitness product reviews on the website so you can fast track your path to meeting your health and fitness goals.

We spend our time going through numerous health and fitness products available online to pick out the best products in a world filled with overpriced low-value products. So trust me on this, when we find a great product, we do not hesitate to tell you and all I have to say about Wake Up Lean is Save Your Time and Money.

We have looked at Wake Up Lean thoroughly and we simply can’t recommend it.

Given Meredith Shirk’s seemingly good online reputation, I wanted to give her product a thumbs up but unfortunately, it just does not live up to my expectations.

Based on the product website’s shark marketing and dodgy sales tactics combined with what the book actually contains I wouldn’t recommend this to my wife, my family and anyone looking for weight loss advice from me. I really think Meredith Shirk can deliver a much better product but this is just not it.

Tell Us Your Experience

Have you bought this product, are you thinking about buying it, do you need advice on weight loss and just general health and fitness stuff? Feel free to leave us your comments on your user experience with Wake Up Lean and ask us any questions you might have.

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