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This Grueling Exercise Can Help You Gain Muscle Mass Fast

build muscle mass fast

Do you want to build huge muscle mass? 


Then the number one exercise you have to include in your routine is the SQUAT!

Squats will help you gain muscle mass on all parts of your body.

However, even this exercise alone is not enough to get you big muscles. You need to have discipline and the right attitude to exercising.

Accordingly, before we explain what exercise you need to do to build muscle fast, let’s compare different attitudes people have towards building muscle so that you understand what attitude you need to have to achieve your goal in building huge muscles. 

There are three types of people in the body and muscle building world.

1. The Right Attitude: Go Getter

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First, there are people with the right attitude and these are people who deliver on their promise.

They are calculated and know exactly what they want, and take the necessary steps to get it no matter what happens. 

They focus on their goal until they ultimately achieve it. In body building, they sole focus is getting big and strong and they Squat, Squat and Squat again.

Show me someone with serious muscle mass and a huge Greek god body and I guarantee you that squats are major part of their routine.


  • Deliver on their fitness goals
  • Calculative mind-set
  • Focused to success

2. Wrong Attitude #1: Actionless Aspirants

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The second type of people are those who just watch things happen. They aspire to things they see in the world around them and then say let us wait see what happens next.

These guys are your typical average Joes.

They want serious muscle but are reluctant to make the effort to build muscle mass and avoid squats like the plague.

When they decide to take action, they do not fully commit to achieve their goal and they come up with excuses. 

They make excuses like "Squats are bad for my knees" or "Squats stop your growth" or "Squats kill my back" or "I just want to focus on my upper body, my legs are already in shape."

Though some of their excuses might be legitimate, some are just avoidance tactics and consequently, they become and remain average Joes.


  • Average Joes
  • Fail to take action
  • Make Excuses

3. Wrong Attitude #2: Clueless Know it Alls

Lastly, there are people who think they know stuff but are clueless about what’s really happening?"

They are oblivious to what is happening around them. These are the kind of guys you find taking a leisurely walk on a treadmill while reading a book.

You will always catch them on dumbbell curl after dumbbell curl (curl monkeys) and they completely ignore compound exercises like squats, bench presses and dead lifts.

They are always going around asking people with bigger muscles how they got so big. They are the most regular at the gym and they stay the longest but get no results.

Even when they get good advice, they fail to apply it and continue playing around in the gym and actually expect to see changes.

Then they come and say nonsense like, "You are just lucky, you have good genes.”  Pure Nonsense!


  • Average Joes
  • Fail to take action
  • Make Excuses

How to Build Huge Muscle Mass Fast

Photo by Sam Sabourin on Unsplash

The bottom line is if you want to build big muscles fast, you need to SQUAT!

Squatting is often praised by body builders as the king of weight exercises and has been combined together with the bench press and dead-lift in routine for power and muscle mass building called The Big Three.

Dust on the squat racks is a common sight across many gyms. Why? There are many reasons. Some people think that their pants will hide their legs anyway but the main reason is really laziness.

Their attitude is “Why bother”. They do not realize how absolutely wrong they are until the day they have no pants to cover the result of their laziness.

People avoid squatting exercises because it is quite a grueling maneuver. The pain of getting up with a weight on their shoulders just puts them off.

The squat will make you see stars and sometimes send your head spinning as you huff and pant while your entire body screams for you to stop.

When you do squats, about 75% of your whole muscular structure is being worked out. This includes your traps, abs back, hamstrings, gluteus, calf, shoulders and a number of other corresponding muscles in a single exercise.

The exercise takes a toll on your cardio health, endurance and your overall strength and this is exactly why it is so effective in helping you build big muscles fast.

In addition to gaining  muscle mass, if you have a high body fat ratio, squats will help you lose body fat. Squats will help you burn fats like crazy because the exercise speeds up your metabolism due to its intensity on your body.

The intensity of squats also forces your body to produce higher amounts of growth hormone, resulting in muscle growth all-around your body.

Squats also have a knock on strength effect on your entire body, and build your strength in all your other lifts.

With all these benefits, it is just baffling why people are keep-avoiding squats as if they are some kind of venereal disease.

Squats are even beneficial for hard gainers. On the right diet, hard gainers can bulk up packing pounds of muscle mass on their whole body! So to all the hard gainers reading this, you have no excuse not to do squats!

Squat with intensity, heavy weights and the correct form and you will start seeing good muscle gains in as little as 3-4 weeks. 

You will experiences gains not just in your lower body but your entire muscle frame will start shaping up and looking bulgy.

Just be careful to perform squats using correct form and to avoid serious injury.


  • You need to SQUAT and SQUAT with intensity
  • Squats work out 75% of your muscle structure
  • Squats will make your muscles bigger in just 3-4 weeks


There is much more to learn about squat routines and diets that give you the best results faster but now that you know that the squat is the king of bodybuilding exercises, get out there and put them in your routine.

If you do not already squat start by adding 4 sets of 10 squats 3 times a week and increasing the weight you squat by 2.5 pounds weekly until you reach your 10 rep max.

We hope this information was helpful. What is your experience with building muscle mass and do you have any advice or secrets to share?

Feel free to leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

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