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Ejaculation Trainer by Matt Gorden – A Complete Review

Ejaculation Trainer pack

A Sneak Peak and Detailed Review of Matt Gorden's Ejaculation Trainer


You are probably reading this review because you stumbled on Ejaculation Trainer or you are just trying to find a solution for premature ejaculation (PE). Premature ejaculation is something I struggled with dearly in my sexual relationship and even though my wife didn’t openly stress about it, deep inside I knew she wished I lasted much longer than 2 minutes in bed. With frequent sexual encounters, overtime my performance started improving but it was not consistently good.

If you are a man going through PE, you know how frustrating it is and how much it sucks not being able to satisfy a woman sexually. It can really break your confidence and create all kind of insecurities and anxieties in your relationship.

I always dreamt of being the best lover ever for my wife and 2 years into our marriage, I eventually got to a point where I just couldn’t take seeing the disappointed look on my spouses face anymore after having sex due to my failure to deliver encounter after sexual encounter.

So I finally decided to put an end to my PE issue permanently and I searched the internet just like you are doing now for a proven permanent solution. After weeks of searching through numerous blogs, forums and medical websites, I found the good news that premature ejaculation is curable and you can get rid of it permanently with a good training program. 

Premature Ejaculation Can Be Fixed

However, as with many common private health problems there are so many scammers online consisting of drugs and programs promising a remedy. Luckily, I have done the research and you don’t have to go through the same painstaking process I went through to find proven solutions, three of which I was convinced enough to purchase and try.

Through my research, I found two categories of solutions, Long-term and Short-Term. My conclusion from my research if you want to cure PE permanently is to avoid short-term solutions, which mainly involve popping pills and using desensitizers and stick rather stick to a training programs that teach you how to naturally control your arousal.

I obviously looked for a long-term solution. One of the products I found and bought is Ejaculation Trainer (Etrainer) and the purpose of this review is to show you whether it’s worth your time and money based on my personal experience with it.

In the review, I will first walk you through the program and show you what Ejaculation Trainer is and who it is meant for, then discuss the strengths and weaknesses I personally found in the program and good alternatives, and finally give you my conclusion on whether it will help you stop premature ejaculation permanently or not.

If you have no time to read the whole review and you are wondering,


the short answer is YES 

and in the table below is a summary of my review.

Review Summary

Review of: Ejaculation Trainer by Matt Gorden

  Use: Treating Premature ejaculation


You will discover new and practical ways of controlling  PE


Affordable and good value for your money

Ease of use

Information not presented in the best format possible


24hr response time and quite helpful

What We Like

  • Clear description of ejaculation mechanism
  • Great bonus products
  • Contains practical methods to stop PE

What We Don't Like

  • The guide is not visual
  • Minimal recommendations on diet
  • Shark marketing tactics

Summary: Ejaculation Trainer is worth your time. It is not the best laid out guide but if you follow the instructions in this guide you can really solve your premature ejaculation. You just need to stick to the guide. The only thing the guide really needs is more visual instructions and a daily diet and exercise program when it comes to recommended exercise routines and for that reason I would supplement it with a more structured Kegel program for men such as Private Gym.

Costs $49 (Once Off)

So what Exactly is Ejaculation Trainer?

Ejaculation trainer is an EBook written by Matt Gorden to help people prevent and cure premature ejaculation. I looked around to find Matt’s social media profile or fan pages to put a face to the name but besides his product he is non-existent online and this likely an alias the book author uses. I personally like to buy products from people who have an online presence but nonetheless once I bought Ejaculation Trainer it was quite easy to get in touch with Matt and his team for more information.  

The book costs US$49. When you are being it, you will be prompted several times to purchase upgrades. Please see the video below for more detail on the buying process. You need to see past the marketing. The upgrades are not necessary if you do not need to fix your problem urgently but if, you want more immediate results you can go for them.

Read carefully as you buy the product so that you don’t inadvertently click a yes or no option on an offer. Once you buy the product, you will receive a link and receipt giving you instant access to the product dashboard. The link and product details will also be sent directly to your email and you will receive additional promotional material on a weekly basis, which you can opt out of.

Check out the video below for more detail on the buying process and what you will receive.

Once you get the E-Trainer program, you will receive three items, which include:

The Ejaculation Trainer

Ejaculation Trainer ebook

This is an eBook and the main part of the package that you have to read

Emergency Tactics

Ejaculation Trainer Emergency Tactics

This is also an eBook guide but it’s on short-term methods you can use immediately to stop premature ejaculation

Secret Weapon

Ejaculation Trainer Secret Weapon

Without revealing too much, this contains a series of audio files to help you overcome the mental aspect of premature ejaculation.

The E-Trainer program also comes with about 20 bonus ebooks covering topics ranging from self-confidence, relationships to health and fitness. You also get a 60 day 100% money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the program.

The main guide is about 100 pages, and it touches on how you can prevent premature ejaculation from both a physiological and psychological perspective.

Here is the table of contents.

ejaculation trainer table of contents

It firstly gives a thorough scientific explanation of premature ejaculation, and the process and organs physically involved in ejaculation. Then the in and out of arousal and how you can control your arousal are explained.

Next, the guide shows you how to control your mind during sex and then you delve into various technics including breathing, masturbation and physical exercises that help you to better control your ejaculation. Finally, the eBook gives you guidance on what to do to get your partner to orgasm faster in conjunction with you lasting longer.

Who Is Ejaculation Trainer designed for?

From my experience with Ejaculation Trainer, the guide is specifically for men who can get an erection but cannot hold it long enough because they ejaculate too early and before their sexual partner can have an orgasm. The guide caters for both conservative and liberal men.

It has technics for both men who are against masturbation and sex toys and those who do not really care. For example I personally believe in sex within the confines of marriage and that masturbating does more harm than good and Matt has be covered with technics I can during real sex.

That said this guide requires patience, commitment, and the ability to make your own routine and program based on the knowledge provided. This program is for you if you are an action taker. So if you know you can’t push yourself to make your own program and stick to it then this guide is not enough for you.

It will provide you with the necessary knowledge to beat premature ejaculation but you have to supplement it with a weekly-predesigned exercise program like Private Gym or meCoach. You can find a description of these programs in the alternatives section below.

What can you Expect and Hope to Achieve with Ejaculation Trainer?

Seeing through all the hype and marketing according to Matt Gorden, Ejaculation Trainer can actually help you achieve total ejaculation control but the claim his guide  can help you stop prematurely ejaculating in as little as 1-3 weeks is quite questionable. I am still to find a program that works this fast and for me this is a brave claim.  Using this guide in conjunction with other resources, it took me about 2 months to start gaining control.

Here is what Matt Gorden claims about Etrainer:

Gorden's Claim

My Observation

Claim 1: Etrainer addresses the Root Causes of PE and as result will give you Permanent Results

This means once you figure out how to last longer in bed with this program you are set to please your partner on most if not all of your sexual encounter.

You won’t depend on any pills or creams or quick fix tricks anymore and your confidence will boosted because you can naturally satisfy your woman.

From my observation, Etrainer really goes into depth in helping you understand how PE is caused and this knowledge alone can help you be so conscious of your ejaculation movements and understand what buttons to press and what to look for to solve the problem.

Claim 2: Etrainer is Easy to Use and Convenient

Though this is a text heavy program, indeed it is easy to use as it is written in plain and simple words and everything is clearly defined.

That said a more structured and visual layout could have made this guide even easier to follow and use. You also have to do a bit of work in designing your own daily routine for some of the methods.

Claim 3: ​Etrainer Covers EVERY Aspect of Reversing PE

The guide looks extensively at both short term and long term methods that can help you stop premature ejaculation and put you ahead of the competition. The only thing I did not see in this guide was the reverse kegel method.

Claim 4: Etrainer is Scientifically Proven to be Effective

Though Matt doesn’t have a list of references, if you have been reading about premature ejaculation from scientific sources (which I have), you can see his core concepts and recommendations are grounded on tested biological proof. So you can rest assured this isn’t just some random kitchen table knowledge and its methods that we will work if you learn how to apply them correctly.

Claim 5: Etrainer is All Natural & Safe

Only the long-term solution is natural and safe, as it does not involve applying any creams, taking pills, or anything external to enhance your performance. However, the Emergency Tactics guide is full of unnatural methods (I personally avoided this completely).

Claim 6: Etrainer Has a 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

This is provided through a trusted third-party payment processor called Click Bank and so if you are not happy you can get all your money back through Click Bank.

Claim 7: Etrainer Provides Technical Support for All Questions

Should you have any questions the program provides clear lines of communication via email and it normally takes about 24 hours to get feedback.

Claim 8: Etrainer Provides access to all future product updates 

I have not had the chance to see any updates from the time I purchased Etrainer but I did get a lot of promotional content on advanced technics by email. So I think if there were updates to the product this would be communicated accordingly and provided.

So Does Ejaculation Trainer Actually Work?

Why it Works

So now that you have an understanding of ETrainer we can get into the nitty gritty about whether it actually works. Looking at my assessment of the claims against what the product actually delivers it fair to say that the program for the most part delivers on its claims.

However, because this program highly depends on how you personally understand concepts and your ability to apply knowledge the results will obviously vary from person to person. Some people will take longer to see results while others may outright will fail. In other words, this is not a magic pill and you have to take action to realize the benefits of the program.

That said this program worked for me and I think it can work for you too. Particularly, I found the description of premature ejaculation here quite refreshing and profound. Matts description of PE helped me understand it to an extent I could feel and visualize each step of the process across my mind and body. The level of awareness I got about my sexuality was so significant and reading the guide helped me realize how much I don’t know about penis. 

Similarly, the guide also does a great job in explaining the techniques to remedy premature ejaculation. The knowledge will enable you go beyond the guide itself and find methods to fix your PE from other guides because you will understand exactly what to look for when it comes to premature ejaculation remedies. Besides the main guide I was also pleased with some of the valuable information provided on general diet and relationships in some of the bonus eBooks.

Why it Doesn’t Work

On the other hand, looking at the main content I was disappointed by the look and feel of the material. I really wish it was designed better. At the moment it’s really not visually inviting despite having good content. The guide also doesn’t have any diagrams, videos or visual content. This could have helped in making it easier to implement and understand for those of us who understand things better by seeing things in action.  

As much as there are step by step descriptions of how to apply the different methods to cure PE, I found myself wishing there was daily or weekly routine laid out for me that I could follow. As a result, I went on the hunt for other programs that do this and I found other scheduled programs to supplement the ETrainer namely Private Gym or MECoach (See alternatives section for more detail.

Another part where Ejaculation Trainer failed for me was diet. A big part of sexual health including premature ejaculation is what we eat. ETrainer just didn’t do justice for me when it came to what I should eat with very minimal reference to foods and diets to boost sexual stamina.

Finally, I think the guide could do without the aggressive shark marketing tactics. For me it came off as annoying and someone trying to trick me out of my money and this initially made me hesitant about buying this program. My purchase decision was also hard because there was no official forum or social media community where I could see what other peoples experience with the program.

Looking at my experience it took me about 2 months before I got control of my ejaculation using the approach taught in ETrainer at the core of my strategy.  Though Ejaculation Trainer is lacking in many aspects, it covers the main issues to help you cure PE and simply put the guide works.

Here is a summary of the Pros and Cons of Ejaculation Trainer:



  • Practical description of premature ejaculation and ejaculation mechanism
  • Clear description of methods to stop PE and how to apply them
  • Easily navigable dashboard
  • check
    Easy to read
  • check
    Clear lines of communication for support
  • check
    Some helpful bonuses
  • E-Books have an unappealing look and feel
  • No visual content
  • No detailed discussion on diet aspect of PE
  • Use of unnatural methods in the short-term guide
  • You have to build your own daily routine
  • Shark marketing tactics
  • No online community

What others are saying about Ejaculation Trainer

I struggled to find other peoples independent and genuine experiences with Ejaculation Trainer but after some digging, I picked up some user comments on Netdoctor, PEGYM, and Yahoo Answer.

Here is a screen shot of a real user review from PEGYM.

PE GYM Ejaculation Trainer Customer Review

All the user comments I found were also positive and I failed to find anyone who was disappointed with the product. Before I saw what the product entails for myself, I thought it was very suspicious because all products get some degree of negative reviews and could barely find any on this product. However from my personal experience with the product I now agree with the positive comments from other users.

Alternatives to Ejaculation Trainer

Here are some alternative products to Ejaculation Trainer you might consider and how they compare.

Alternative 1: Ejaculation Guru

ejaculation guru ebook collection


Price: US$49

Product Description: This an eBook and it is very similar to ETrainer. It’s written by Jack Graves and the main difference with ETrainer is that this guide has a video explanation of how to apply the key methods it recommends.

Looking at the table of contents I expected Ejaculation Guru to be quite an intense guide but its surprisingly not as in depth and Ejaculation Trainer. However, though Ejaculation Guru is not as in depth as Etrainer, I found Jack Grave’s guide more user friendly and interesting.

The other thing I discovered is that one of the bonuses that comes with Ejaculation Guru links to the Ejaculation by Command program and when I compare the two its obvious Ejaculation Guru is a lesser version of Ejaculation by Command.

So in conclusion, Ejaculation Guru can help you stop PE but knowing what I know now, with no question I would go with Ejaculation Trainer or Ejaculation by Command any day because they simply provide better value for your money.

Alternative 2: Ejaculation by Command

ejaculation by command standard package


Price: US$49

Product Description: This program is created by Lloyd Lester. Its in eBook format and similar to Etrainer but the devil is in the detail. I was pleased with this program because the author had some social media presence though not very active.

The eBook layout was also visually appealing and inviting and unlike Etrainer, it touches on diet sufficiently and teaches reverse kegels (PC muscle relaxation). I would say essentially this guide is better than Ejaculation Trainer because it both sufficiently shows you how to cure PE and is well laid out and inviting to read but when it comes to discussing topics in depth Etrainer wins.

So if you were to choose between the two I would recommend Etrainer if you want an in depth guide and Ejaculation by Command if you want a broad guide of how to stop premature ejaculation. That said, if you can afford both of them, go for it as it is worth seeing both perspectives.

Alternative 3: Private Gym

private gym complete product


Price: US$59 - US$99

Product Description: This is a physical product combined with an app and DVD with video training exercise. Private Gym is aimed at addressing a variety of sexual problems including PE.​

It entails an effective kegel muscle exercise routine using a light weight that can be attached to your penis. This program is a good alternative to Etrainer because it way more practical and immediately implementable. You don’t have to plan your own exercise routine as its all predesigned for you and you just follow the video guidance on the DVD and app and you can track your progress easily. 

Check out this video for more info.

This an awesome program, however, Private Gym does not come with a guide that gives you a detailed understanding and inner workings of premature ejaculation. So my recommendation is to use it as a supplement to a good holistic guide like Etrainer if you find it hard to use the knowledge from Ejaculation Trainer to create your own routine.

Alternative 4: meCoach



Price: US$37.77 basic - US$85.92 premium (per month)

Product Description:  Male Enhancement Coach (meCoach) is a 1-on-1 personal training service that helps men overcome a variety of penile sexual issues including premature ejaculation. The coaching you receive is tailor made for you through an initial client interview and it’s easy to follow.

This is really for you if you are desperate and looking for the fastest permanent solution for premature ejaculation. Your hand is held throughout the process to improve your stamina and make sure you stop your PE.

It’s an expensive option because you pay monthly but it’s one of the most direct solutions I have seen from my research especially for those who are not disciplined enough to put the knowledge into practice from a guide like Etrainer.

Final Verdict – Is Ejaculation Trainer Worth Your Money

We have covered a lot in this review and to sum everything up, if you are looking for an effective guide to stop premature ejaculation, Ejaculation Trainer is worth your time and investment and priced fairly for the value it provides.

It has its flaws but I am happy to have added it to my self-development collection because it covers the key topics in more depth than other ebooks I have looked at and has been instrumental in helping remedy my Premature Ejaculation.

That said I would highly suggest using Etrainer together with another program like Private Gym if you can and you want to speed up the process but if you are patient this guide is good enough on its own. I think I have said enough, and I hope I answered all your questions about this programme. 

Feel free to ask any question in the comments about premature ejaculation.

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