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Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon – An in Depth Review

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A Sneak Preview of Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon

Have you been thinking about intermittent fasting or weight loss in general lately? Did you stumble on Eat Stop Eat and are you looking for an unbiased review of the program? If you answered yes to any of these questions keep reading.


I am about to give you a detailed review of Eat Stop Eat but if you are in a hurry, 

the short answer is,


....EAT STOP EAT works. 

If you have minute, have a look at the summary box below for a detailed summary of our opinion here at Home Health Guide about Eat Stop Eat..

Review Summary

Review of: Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon

  Use: Weight loss guide


Very insightful information you can apply immediately


Affordable and good value for your money

Ease of use

Information is well presented and organised


24hr response time and very helpful

What We Like

  • Level of detail
  • Simple routine guide and easy to implement
  • Touches on all aspects of weight loss
  • check
    Reference to scientific proof
  • check
    Well laid out and designed
  • check
    Bonus zen book

What We Don't Like

  • Text heavy and long read
  • Annoying upsells while buying the product
  • Guide is a bit vague on implementation and could use some video instructions

Summary: This  program is for both young and old people looking for an easy way to lose weight. It helps you make staying lean part of your lifestyle. Don't get this program if you don’t like reading and prefer learning with visual examples in addition to text. You have to go read through a text heavy eBook to get the most out of Eat Stop Eat. If you want a weight loss guide that works and you don't mind reading then this is for you.

Costs $11.50 (Once Off)

What is Eat Stop Eat about and can it help you lose weight?

So let’s cut to the chase. Eat Stop Eat is an eBook and weight loss program designed by Brad Pilon. Brad’s LinkedIn profile shows he is a specialist in Human nutrition and nutraceuticals.

The main benefit that Brad Pilon’s program promises is that it “Makes Weight Loss Simple”. Brad claims his program can help you achieve noticeable weight loss results in just 30 days using a simple and straightforward intermittent fasting routine.

Using scientific proof, he debunks many claims put forward by many diet programs that you can lose weight without reducing your caloric intake and claims that through intermittent fasting, Eat Stop Eat can help you achieve your weight loss goals faster by:

  • Increasing your Fat Burning Hormone level By more than 700%
  • Controlling Your “Hunger Hormone” and ending your cravings
  • Decreasing stress hormones that stop you from burning fat
  • Increasing Insulin Sensitivity so you can stay slim even when you eat more
  • Accelerating Cleansing & Renewal of Your Body At a Cellular Level

Eat Stop Eat apparently puts Autophagy (your body’s internal ‘cleanup crew’) into overdrive naturally gets your internal cleansing and detoxifying pathways working. Through intermittent fasting Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat protocol also claims to increase your body’s internal Growth Hormone (a powerful natural fat burner) production level by 15 times.

Following the Eat Stop Eat diet, you can expect your Insulin levels to drop to a third of regular levels and thereby increasing your insulin sensitivity and allowing you to burn fat at an accelerated pace.

After a year on the Eat Stop Eat program, you can expect to burn an extra 8840 calories per year WITHOUT the stress and anxiety of food restriction and calorie counting that many people get from common diet programs.

Brad claims that his program is the only weight loss program that allows you to stay within the caloric intake threshold for weight loss without stressing you out. In other words, his program is easy to do.

So What is Inside Eat Stop Eat?

First, let’s have look at the buying process. When you buy Eat Stop Eat, three other product upgrade offers are shown to you. Be sure to read the instructions so you click on the correct button to avoid surprise charges. If you don’t want the upgrades, at the time I was buying the product, the options to skip the product upgrade offers was in blue fine print text at the bottom of the page. Check the video below for an inside look and more details on the buying process. 

Once you are done with the upgrade offers, you should instantly receive access to the Eat Stop Eat dashboard and there you can download The Eat Stop Eat eBook. You will also receive emails with links to the eBook and dashboard and a refund link valid for 60 days should you not be satisfied with the product . Your purchase will include two eBooks as shown below:

Eat Stop Eat Ebook

Eat Stop Eat starts by clearly pointing out that the information in the book is not medical advice, is designed for healthy individuals, and should not be used without consulting a physician if you have any health conditions. That said the guide can be used safely by anyone trying to lose weight irrespective of their age. Below is a screenshot of the table of contents of Brad's main eBook.

Eat Stop Eat table of contents

The Pros and Cons

So, after going through the guide here are details on what I thought was great about the guide and where the product failed to deliver.

What I liked

  • It’s a well-researched and detailed guide: What I like most about Eat Stop Eat is the level of detail it goes into explaining how your body loses and gains weight. The program is well researched with fact based weight loss routines and methods. Brad has made sure to back all is his advice with scientifically tested and proven approaches. Reading through the program it’s easy to tell whoever wrote this program knows what they are talking about and the insights and knowledge are just so refreshing and you just get the feeling of “Wow Let Me Try That” or “That Explains A Lot”. This program equips you to with all thorough knowledge on how to lose weight.
  • The program is easy to implement: Once you have gone through the detailed weight loss manual you can then follow an easy to implement exercise and cooking routine guide.
  • The program is well laid out: The dashboard platform provided after you purchase the product is very intuitive and easy to navigate to access all your resources. The books are also well written and easy to follow and understand. All the complex theories and words are explained in simple plain English.
  • Bonuses: In addition to the program, you get a complimentary Zen book and 21 day access to Brad’s premium Health and Fitness newsletter.
  • Anyone can use it: Brad’s program can be used by anyone who can consciously chose to lose weight irrespective of age. The only exception is if you have a medical condition but Brad goes out of his way to address a number of questions you may have about health concerns of using is approach.
  • Great reviews from users: The Eat Stop Eat guide has been widely applauded by many users and has a strong social media community if you want to reach out to anyone who has gotten results from it .

What I didn't like

  • The program is text heavy: I personally hate long reads because I am always rushing off to the next thing and its unfortunate you have to go through most of the material to get the full benefit of this guide.  For some of you 189 page of reading isn’t so bad but I would have been happy if he said everything in 20 pages. This is not a guide for you if you prefer visual learning as there is no video content or instructions at all which I normally prefer for health and fitness guides.
  • Too many upsells: Once you buy the product, you get several more offers to buy additional material. At least you are not being sold junk but this can be rather annoying if you are not interested. Be careful to read the fine print as the other offers pop up so that you do not accidently click a buy button if you decide to skip through the extra offers.
  • Vague exercise and cooking routines: Though the program provides an easy to follow exercise and cooking guide I feel it comes off as vague, probably because there is absolutely no picture and video examples. You are left expecting a great visual step by step guide as you go through the main eBook but when you see the actual guide that’s supposed to show you how to put all your new found knowledge into action it’s such an anti-climax. I wanted to see the routine being put in action, as it is much easier to learn, recall and implement that way (monkey-see-monkey-do).

So would I recommend Eat Stop Eat?

I personally think Brad’s program is great because he has produced a high quality detailed and fact based guide on how your body can lose weight naturally. The evidence he gives in his guide in my opinion is overwhelmingly convincing.

I am not trying to lose weight but after reading through this guide, it is something I would definitely try out if I were because his insights just makes sense.  Reflecting personally on how I have been able to stay lean, I think I have been unknowingly doing intermittent fasting in the way Brad recommends. I don’t eat often and on most days I only  have one meal and I barely pick up weight no matter what kind of food I eat. Then again I could just have skinny genes.

On a serious note though, looking at all my friends trying to lose weight, none of them have so far tried intermittent fasting and I have watched them fail through diet after diet. After reviewing Brad’s guide, I simply can’t wait to get them to try it out.

Besides the program being too text heavy, overall, I think Eat Stop Eat is on to something here. We recommend the program to anyone young and old looking for a less strenuous way to lose weight. 

However, stay away from this program if you don’t like reading and prefer learning with visual examples in addition to text. The program has an easy to read step-by-step guide but you have to go through most the text heavy guide book to get the most out of it.

We hope you found our Eat Stop Eat review helpful. 

If you have any questions or comments about the program or want us to review other weight loss products, feel free to ask us in the comments below. Please also share your thoughts about Eat Stop Eat and weight-loss in general.

We value your comments and we are always excited to hear from you and your inputs are really helpful to everyone who stops by to read our blog posts and reviews.

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