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Does Premature Ejaculation Go Away?

Premature Ejaculation

Can Premature Ejaculation Just Disappear?

Are you or your partner battling with premature ejaculation? If you are, you’ve probably wondered if premature ejaculation eventually goes away on its own. When I was personally struggling with premature ejaculation (PE) I did some intense online research to find out if it’s a natural occurrence that passes on with age or experience? In this post, I tell you everything I discovered and pretty much everything you will find if you dig the internet for an answer.

According to various sources, premature ejaculation can go away on its own but the opposite is also true. PE can also get worse with time. Scientific evidence or research supporting the idea that premature ejaculation goes away is scarce and most evidence showing that it does go away on its own is anecdotal.

Before we get into detail about the nuances of how premature ejaculation improves or worsens on its own, let me quickly take you through some facts that will help calm your anxiety about the problem and better understand that it can go away. The first fact is that premature ejaculation is a widespread problem among men.

What Does Research Tell Us?

In a study of more than 12,000 men in the United States, Germany, and Italy it was found that about 23% of these men experienced premature ejaculation. The finding is generally in line with other large-scale research studies on the topic which also found that almost every sexually active man they examined has had at least one episode of unwanted rapid ejaculation during intercourse. 

So what does all this mean?

It means that if you have PE, you should not stress about it. You are not in this boat alone and you can get out. Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty stuff of how PE stops on its own. The most popular theory of that PE goes away on its own states that,

“As a man has more sexual encounters, over time he gains sexual experience by becoming used to sexual sensations and this allows him to better control his ejaculation.”

This idea has led some to mistakenly conclude that men can solve PE through frequent masturbation. Indeed, premature ejaculation (PE) is viewed as particularly common among young men who are relatively new to sex but scientific evidence overwhelmingly shows that both young and old people suffer from premature ejaculation.

One study I found during my research, estimates that premature ejaculation affects about a third of all men in all age groups. The study shows that whether you are only 18 or 90 years old, PE can actually affect you just the same.

From this finding, I think it’s safe to say that PE does not just go away as you get older. Not for everyone. Indeed, age has traditionally been considered as a causal factor of PE. However, more recent research findings are starting to show age has been over exaggerated historically as a key contributor to PE.

In fact, some research actually shows age as negatively associated with PE. So the older you get the worse your PE gets. For me, this explains PE in more senior citizens rather than in middle-aged men. Also, when put the evidence together, if 35-year-olds suffer similarly from PE as 25-year-olds, I can logically conclude that for some people, gaining sexual experience may not be enough for them to see premature ejaculation improve. So don’t be shocked if you still have PE at age 45.

Factors Determining If Premature Ejaculation Will Go Away

The thing is, a mix of factors are at play for PE to just go away. Two of the key factors are the type of premature ejaculation you have and your sexual habits. Let’s look at the types of PE first. Some people have primary premature, which is premature ejaculation that starts early during puberty while many men have onset or Secondary Premature ejaculation which occurs later in life when you are mature.

Types of Premature Ejaculation

In the case of onset premature ejaculation, it may be for a range of psychological and physical issues. Some common psychological reasons include depression and stress, while physical reasons could be prostate illnesses weakened prostate and pelvic muscle, or general poor health. So, generally, in the case of onset premature ejaculation, the problem goes away once the secondary condition is dealt with.

As for primary PE, this is more severe and much harder to see go away as this entails correcting wrong habits formed over several years. Such premature ejaculation can improve with age and experience but for this to happen you have to be consciously or unconsciously using certain technics while having sex. This is where sexual habits become very important.

Sexual Habits

This can be explained further by understanding how Primary PE occurs. Long story short, Primary PE largely comes about by teenage boys going through puberty conditioning themselves to ejaculate quickly through rushed masturbating. Eventually, when they become older it becomes difficult to break this ingrained habit and this only gets worse if your sexual habits are not changed to habits that promote delayed ejaculation.

Not only do you need frequent sexual encounters but you also have to engage in types of sexual activities that build your stamina to improve your ejaculation latency time (ELT – this is the time it takes for you to ejaculate).  In other words, for PE to go away over time, ‘GOOD’ practice makes perfect. Regular sex gives you numerous opportunities for trial and error until you eventually get the hang of things but you need to combine this with healthy sexual habits or else you just worsen your PE.

Looking back at my own experience with PE, it was really an issue early on in my marriage when I was quite inexperienced but as I had more sex I slowly started to last longer. Then eventually when I learned about and started applying various sexual technics found to prolong ejaculation I saw more dramatic improvement.

Some say masturbation (personally I am completely against this) helps but I think getting used to the feeling of a vagina is what makes the biggest difference. With sex, on the job experience outperforms simulation any day and better helps you to develop the right habits to beat premature ejaculation effectively over time.

Should You Wait For Premature Ejaculation To Go Away On Its Own? 

While some men experience PE throughout their lives, a lot of men eventually find ways to prolong their ejaculation.

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, I think the best thing you can do is to find a treatment right away rather than expecting it to go away with time. There are so many things you can do to fix PE.

Not everyone’s ejaculation control can increase with time and experience. You may have a more severe case of PE and fail to see improvements in your condition after several years of sex but this is not a life sentence. Your case may not be able to resolve itself but you just need conscious and well-informed intervention to fix it. There are many things you can do to help you.

For myself, I read several books, did some research online, and tried a variety of programs and I am able to say I have much better control. I am not perfect yet but through informing myself and implementing various recommendations I have improved my performance and gotten to a point where it no longer is a problem.

A technic that really helped me initially, was to satisfy my partner first through oral stimulation then this puts me at ease when I penetrate and allows me time to get used to the feeling of being inside. A variation to this would be to penetrate first and allow yourself to ejaculate and then stimulate your partner orally while you wait to get erect again. Once you are erect again you can comfortably penetrate again with no pressure.

The most important thing though is communication with your partner and getting him or her on board in solving your problem. Don’t let premature ejaculation be the end of your sex life and relationship. To help you and your partner, I have dedicated a section of Home Health Guide to helping couples resolve without relying on medical treatment. Everything I share is based on my personal and other people’s experience of what has worked.

Explore my articles to discover more about resolving PE and share your thoughts in the comments section. I wish you the best in fixing this and don’t lose heart.

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