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60 Second Panic Solution – An In Depth Review

60 second panic solution

An Insider Review of 60 Second Panic Solution by Anna Gibson Steel


I have personally battled with anxiety and panic attacks especially in my adult life. Anxiety once my Achilles heel, and never thought I would ever overcome it. Though my panic attacks were not so severe, for a time in my life I was so hopeless with recurrent anxiety attacks mainly when it came to my marriage and whenever I had to perform for an audience of more than 10 people or do public speaking.

This frustrated me to the core and I eventually decided to get help as I could see how it was hindering me from so many opportunities life presented to me. As usual, my first point of call was the internet and I actually found a whole world of remedies and programs for treating panic and anxiety attacks and as you may have guessed this world was full of scams.

Bogged down and many times confused by so much information and the number of programs out there, I continued combing through the different programs and one day I came across The 60 Second Panic Solution by Anna Gibson-Steel and I decided to try it out.

You are probably reading this because you also came across this program and you want to know if it will help you stop your anxiety or panic attacks. Well, you are in luck. To help you make a well-informed decision, in this review I am going to show you everything you need to know before you try Anna’s program from my firsthand experience and my personal research before I tried it.

I will start by walking you through the program’s contents and giving you my opinion about whom this program is suitable for and then based on my analysis and results I explain whether the program works or not. Finally, I show you the strength and weaknesses of the program before giving you my final verdict.

If you have read any of my reviews, you will know they are quite lengthy and in-depth, because I try to address all the questions you may have before trying a product.

So, if you don’t have time to go through everything and you want a short answer to whether The 60 Second Panic Solution works,

the short answer is YES it works!

Check out the summary box below for a detailed 1 minute summary of my review.

Review Summary

Review of: The 60 Second Panic Solution by Anna Gibson-Steel

  Use: Treatment of Anxiety and Panic Attacks    


Helps control anxiety and panic attack symptoms


Affordable for the value it provides

Ease of use

Information is presented in a clean easily accessible manner


You can get feedback within 24 hours from Anna directly and her team

What We Like

  • Clear description of the problem
  • Clear follow along video’s
  • check
    Bonus products
  • High quality training material
  • check
    No aggressive marketing to buy extra products
  • check
    Author is well known and has a great reputation on the internet
  • check
    Active social media presence

What We Don't Like

  • Focuses more on addressing symptoms more than the triggers
  • You have to sit through a lengthy sales video to know what exactly her program is offering

Summary: There are many great products to address anxiety and panic attacks and Anna’s program is among the ones that work. The program is well structured with follow-along-videos and accompanying PDFs. As much as the focus is on dealing with the symptoms, Anna’s advice on dealing with the triggers is very helpful. I struggle to find anything wrong with Anna’s program. It’s worth your time and money. 

Costs $67.95 (Once Off)

For those of you who want the full story, let’s get down to business....

What Exactly is The 60 Second Panic Solution Program?

In many online reviews people say 60 Second Panic Solution is an eBook.  This is far from the truth and steer clear from anyone who claims it is as they are feeding you false information so that they get you to buy the product. The truth is that The 60 Second Panic Solution is a follow along video and audio program created by Anna Gibson Steel to help people treat panic attacks and anxiety.

Anna Gibson Steel is the owner and founder of Harmony Holistic Therapies. She is a certified Holistic Therapist based in Ireland and she is specialized in the treatment of stress, with an expertise in panic and anxiety attacks and recovery programs for depression sufferers. You can see her full profile here.

On her video sales page she claims that once you learn her technics you can stop panic and anxiety attacks 60 seconds before they happen and gain full control of your attacks within 3 weeks of following her program. Her program costs US$67.95.  It is very easy to buy and comes with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee if you don’t like it for any given reason. The whole program is digital video and PDF format which can download to use offline. Once you buy it you get instant access to member area with 30 instructional videos packaged in 6 separate training section.

Here is what it looks like inside.

60 second panic solution user portal

60 Second Panic Solution User Portal

Here is the breakdown of what the 6 sections you see in the user portal screenshot entail.

Main  Sections of the Program


1. Start Here

First Aid Kit

2. Section 1 – Panic Attacks

Contains 5 sub sections

3. Section 2 – Anxiety Attacks

Contains 5 sub sections

4. Lasting Freedom

Contains 5 sub sections

5. Secrets of Living

Contains 5 sub sections

6. Bonus Area

  • Creating Extraordinary Relationships
  • Emotional Freedom
  • Discover your destiny
  • Confidence
  • Self Esteem
  • Insomnia audio track

The members area is easy to  navigate as shown in the picture above. In addition to the videos, you also find instructional meditative audio files and PDF documents accompanying some of the videos.

Whom is it Designed For?

From my personal observation, Anna’s program is most suitable for any adult who is suffering from panic or anxiety attacks. The program is in English so you have to have someone to interpret the instructions if you do not speak English.

If you are concerned about whether children can use this program, the answer is yes they can but an adult needs to first understand the techniques and instructions and then assist the child to implement them accordingly.

Does 60 Second Panic Solution work?

Let me first start by saying, her claims are rather unrealistic. Anna claims her program can help you treat panic and anxiety attacks in just 3 weeks. In 3 weeks, you will be able to stop any anxiety or panic attack 60 seconds before it happens. Personally using this program, I think cold turkey results in 3 weeks is optimistic. I think at about 6 weeks in you start to see great progress.

You see anxiety issues take time to form. As much as on the first day I tried 60 Second Panic Solution, I felt a difference I also realized it will take some time before I have full control.

The effectiveness of this treatment program also depends on your personal case and you may find it easier or harder than me to grasp Anna Gibson’s methods. I found many similar negative comments that relate to this across the internet about 60 Second Panic Solution.

You can check out the negative comments on the following forums for more detail:

I agree with these comments to an extent but these are comments coming from people who have never tried or seen the actual program and are wondering if it works just like you.  

Indeed Anna makes ambitious claims and I almost did not try her program because of that but I took a leap faith and tried it and I found the program rather helpful contrary to my fears that she might be a scammer. What I also found encouraging is the number of positive references she had from clients on her LinkedIn profile.

When you start the program at first glance her methods are very simple and you can almost think “I paid so much just for this”!! But once you get immersed in her program from the very first day you start to feel more in control of your panic and the feeling is real. This how I felt and this kept me going cause I could feel the myself gaining control over my emotions.

It’s hard to explain the positive emotional transformation I got and her program is one of those you have to try out for yourself to understand this. In conclusion, all I can say is that her program worked for me and has helped me improve not just my anxiety issues but also my emotional control. 

Now that you know that this program does work, let’s go through key strengths and weaknesses you should consider before making a decision to try it out.

Program Strengths

Program Weaknesses

  • High quality follow along training videos audio and PDFs
  • Clear explanation of panic and anxiety attacks
  • Great customer support
  • check
    No aggressive marketing to sell you extra products
  • check
    Author is a well-recognized health professional with strong internet presence
  • check
    Author has an established physical location and business
  • You need to design your own daily routine based on the program material
  • Program focuses on techniques to stop the symptoms more than on addressing the triggers
  • Extravagant claims in the sales letter to entice you to buy the program


I was so pleased with high quality of instructional videos, audio and pdfs delivered by Anna Gibson. She took the time to create a remarkable program and just the appearance of the program made me feel I am getting money’s worth. On top of this Anna explains every concept clearly making it easy for the layman to understand the anxiety and panic attack mechanism and what to target to control it.

From an operational perspective, Anna and her team respond to all customer queries within 24 hours and strive to assist you. Unlike other products, I also did not aggressive marketing to by extra products after getting The 60 Second Panic Solution. You buy this program once off and it’s all you need.

Another thing I really value about any product is its reputation, presence online, and offline. This one thing Anna has done well. She is on social media and she has a whole separate website about her. Anna is the face of her brand and she is a well-recognized health and wellness professional.

 To add on to that she has brick and mortar wellness business you can actually visit based in Ireland. This gave me confidence that her product can be trusted and I know exactly where to find her if it didn’t work and for some reason I couldn’t get my refund. There is my anxiety kicking in “hahaha”.


I only found three problems with 60 Second Panic Solution. Firstly, in the sales video there is a claim that the program will address the underlying issues or triggers. I expected emphasis on this but I found Anna was not so forthcoming on this point and I am supplementing her guide with other information based on this. Anna’s program heavily focuses on curing the symptoms and does this very well but could have been much better if the same level of focus was given toward addressing the triggers.

Secondly, I expected a daily routine but I found I had to design my own. Nevertheless, this was relatively easy to do because the program’s follow-along style is well structured. It takes 2 hours per section so I allocated three 2-hour sessions per week to get through all the material ever 2 weeks.

Finally, I wasn’t pleased with the extravagant claims in the product sales video. I am generally against exaggerations in advertisement as this misleads poor innocent unsuspecting people who are just looking to fix their problem. Anna has a great guide here and it really did not need a snake oil sales man for her to get people to buy it. If anything that just keeps, many people away as it all sounds too good to be true.

Final Verdict – Is 60 Second Panic Solution Worth Your Money?

Looking at my overall experience with 60 Second Panic Solution, I would recommend it to anyone struggling with panic attacks and anxiety. I would definitely share this with my friends and family among other programs.

 I am glad I took the risk to try it and I think you will be too. In any case you can get all your money back if doesn’t work. I say try it consistently for 3 weeks and if you do not see results just ask for a full refund.

I hope you found my review helpful. Please don’t hesitate to drop us your thoughts or questions about anxiety and The 60 Second Panic Solution in the comments section below.

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