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4 Quick Hacks To Improve Your Memory

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Has your memory been failing you lately? These 4 hacks might help you.

Having a great memory is so important not only for you to maintain good relationships with the people in your life but also for various personal and professional reasons.

Memory not only tells you who you are and reminds you of events in your life, but it also gives you the ability to store the knowledge you use to survive on daily basis. You rely on your memory when you learn new things or when you are preparing for an exam.

Good memory also helps you socialize better. Whenever you remember names, you are likely to appear friendlier.

With a good memory, you are also likely to be a better conversationalist than forgetful people are. So, it is very important that you continuously improve your memory regardless of how sharp your memory is.

If you are looking to improve your memory, below are four basic tips you can apply to continually improve your memory. You can use some of these to improve the function of your brain while the others are more of preventive measures to help you maintain great memory skills right up to your senior years.

1. Change your lifestyle

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As unbelievable as it may sound, the habits you develop throughout your life affect your memory. So in your quest to improve your memory do not only try memory technics but also seek to improve your lifestyle.

You have to cut out habits that hurt your brain such as smoking and alcohol abuse. Keep to the standard limits with alcohol such as one glass of beer a day for women and two for men. You know when you are going overboard.

Stress is another major element of lifestyle that has a negative impact on your memory. Stress not only weakens the body and your immune system but also impedes your brain function.

Since you cannot entirely avoid stress but only manage it, you should ensure you put in relaxation time in your weekly schedule to limit stress.

For example, try to make Saturday your day off any form of work and turn off all your devices to rest your head. Make sure to get your 8 hours of sleep every day.

Finally, physical exercise and meditation should become must in your lifestyle as both help stimulate brain cell growth and improve learning and memory.

2. Change your diet

Improve Your Memory

You have to include brain foods in your diet if you want to improve your memory and have a powerful brain. Brain foods are foods that contain choline and proteins, which nourish and support growth brain cells.

Some brain foods examples include salmon, tuna and other fish, milk, soya, peanuts, tofu and meats that are rich in proteins. Fruits and vegetables also help you keep your body strong and in a rich supply of anti-oxidants.

3. Exercise your mind

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A major reason why people start to suffer from poor memory is that they stop utilizing their brain as much as they used to previously.

For instance, studies show that if you spend time answering crossword puzzles, playing strategic games and working even when in your old age, you are less likely to have Alzheimer’s.

Whenever you do activities that involve strong cognitive function, you are actually exercising your brain and if you continually engage in such activities, you prevent the onset of forgetfulness and memory loss in your senior years.

4. Use memory techniques

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A more direct approach to improving your memory is the use of memory techniques. For example, people use technics like mnemonics, the 100 list, or the memory palace to recall and store large amounts of information in their brain.

A memory technique that has worked well for me is “association”. The association memory method l you associate information or items with something that you can already see or what you already know and you use these objects as anchors to later trigger your memory of the information and items at any given point in time.

We hope you found these tips helpful and practical.  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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